Most Nonsensical Things Ever Heard

#1, Top of the list:   "He earned the right to be arrogant"

So one can "earn the right" to be an over-confident, myopic, un-thinking, self-centered, self- adulating, boorish, control-freak dweeb?! And what exactly is the criteria that must be met? Proficiency in a skill? I can't think of one person I've met over the course of my decades on Earth who doesn't qualify, then; everyone has at least one skill that they're super-proficient at, and often more than one. So let's ALL be ARROGANT, and we can all feel justified in treating every other person we meet like they're some kind of inferior creature, woo hoo! Fun... wonder how long it will take for the whole world to simply EXPLODE.

2. "Love is... never having to say you're sorry."

Do I seriously need to explain this one? If you love someone, and you hurt them, you would be COMPELLED to say you're sorry! If you DON'T actually love them, then you might be more inclined to defend your hurtful actions and behavior, and NOT apologize.
"LOVE" requires empathy, respect toward the other person, the desire for the other person's well-being and happiness, and humility. If one does not care about the protecting another person from harm, including harm, pain, sadness, or humiliation done by one's SELF, then there is no "love".

3. "They brought it on themselves."

When referring to trauma, disaster, or abuse that another person has suffered.
Wow, talk about "victim-blame".
Talk about trying to shirk accountability, trying to avoid blame, shame, and guilt.
Talk about SMUGNESS.
So when terrible things happen to ONE PERSON, it was out of their control, they were a victim.
But when terrible things happen to ANOTHER PERSON, it was "all their fault". 
Even if they're a child who was abused by an older person.
Okay... nice try, it might work in La-La Land, but not in Reality.