Provoking Emotional Reactions

Those with control issues, whatever their possible "diagnosis", often try to incite emotions in those around them for various reasons.

Most people are aware of the "Charismatic Leader" who tries to get people to follow them by provoking emotional reactions. This is commonly seen in Political Activists, Career Politicians, and Religious leaders, and always has been. It can also be seen in modern Television "personalities" and other media, including music.

When a person has control over another person's emotional reactions, they have control of the PERSON. Politicians know this, and so do Advertising professionals. The only way to keep people voting for you, interested in watching you or listening to you, and buying your product is to get them to be EMOTIONALLY reactive, emotionally invested.

Politicians know that an EASY way to get people to FOLLOW THEM is to get them to DISLIKE their opponent.

Humans in general seek to BELONG to a "Team", and many will do pretty much anything to feel like they belong to a "Team", including HATING and trying to destroy someone else. Politicians have been well aware of this for centuries, and have been USING it to convince people that they "deserve power".

People tend to NOT LOOK at what "their guy" is really doing when they're pointing the finger at the "other guy".

This is easier to understand when we're talking about Politicians, because most of them are people we don't know personally, on a larger stage.

However, people who have Control issues use these same Political maneuvers in their PERSONAL lives, in business, in school, in the community, in their Religion, and even in their own families.

We tend to DENY that this is going on when we're in the middle of it, whether we're the Controller or whether we're being controlled, or both. Admitting that it's happening can be frightening, so most people just deny and come up with ways to cover it up. We humans don't want to admit that we are being manipulated anymore than we want to admit we are doing the manipulation.

If and when we admitted that manipulation was going on, it would mean exposing that everything is not "perfect", everything is not "as it seems", everyone is not "innocent", and that can be very difficult to bear for many, especially those who have built their lives around the belief that they themselves are "perfectly innocent", and that the other people in their lives are "perfectly innocent".

However, true Humility gives us clearer vision; it reveals that there ARE NO "perfect" people; that's just Reality. So creating factions and covering up manipulation and ego is kind of silly; there aren't any groups of people who are "The Innocent Ones", free from Sin or Pride.
When we can come to terms, and to Peace with these facts, it's much easier to look at our OWN "flaws" and faults, and then it's much easier to see when someone else is manipulating, without becoming emotionally reactive and judgmental, and without jumping to "condemnation".