Get Back In The Game

Only a fool for a Coach, Doctor, or Parent would make a child or an adult player "get back in the game" with an injury, before they've healed and gone through rehabilitation.
It would be ridiculous to expect a person to be able to perform with an injury in the same way as they would without an injury.

Everyone knows that. Well, almost everyone.

So, why does it seem so difficult for so many people, including so-called "professionals", to apply this to people who have suffered any kind of mental or emotional injury?
The brain is a BODY PART... it needs to be healed and rehabilitated properly in order to function in a healthy way after injury, just like any other body part. The BRAIN happens to be the organ that governs and performs mental processing, intellect, memory, and emotional processing, AS WELL AS motor control and the involuntary nervous system. All of these things are interconnected, which is really pretty obvious.

Judging a person negatively for not being able to function "up to par" when they've been through emotional or mental trauma is just, frankly, silly. (That would include family abuse, death of a loved one, divorce, displacement, disaster, school and neighborhood bullying, any kind of sexual assault, and any other kind of assault OR trauma.)
ALL humans are susceptible to mental and emotional trauma that needs to be healed in order for the person to function to their own ability, no different from the rest of their body parts.

The brain is the most complex and the most delicate organ in the body, and the one that absolutely has to be functioning in order for the rest of the body to function; why on Earth do people so often behave as if it's the LEAST important?!?