Bullies Get What They Want Because Of Fear And Skewed Perception

One of the reasons that bullies seem to get what they want more often is because... they bully other people into giving them what they want on a regular basis, and throw "blame" around when they're not getting what they want.

People tend to try to avoid blame, and they tend to fear potential personal consequences from getting blamed, and also direct aggression from BULLIES, so they tend to cater to bullies for these reasons alone.

On top of that, many people learn (unfortunately) to associate BULLY behavior with "authority" during their youth, and will GIVE bullies and controllers jobs, trust, and positions of authority.
They'll even often stand up for a bully AGAINST the bully's targets, because of this skewed reasoning.

One can witness this often in society at large; when a person complains about being treated poorly, scammed, "discriminated against", or even physically assaulted, MANY people will side AGAINST that person, and WITH the bully or perpetrator, and without wanting to know anything about the actual events that took place. They seem to be identifying with the BULLY.