Where Sexism And Racism Come From

Where does bigotry and bias come from, especially the kind that is expressed in actively harassing, sabotaging, harming, manipulating, and oppressing other human beings?

This is an age-old question that people love to debate. Is it biology or is it taught? Nature vs. Nurture?
Is one sex or ancestry actually superior to another?
Or superior in certain ways?
Or in enough ways to make them DESERVE privilege and power over others?

The actual, objective, fact-based SCIENTIFIC answers to these questions can not be answered at this time, because there is no way to TEST it in a controlled environment.

The current cultural biases in the species is predominantly pro-male and anti-female. This is reflected in the behavior of BOTH males and females species-wide.

This bias has been directly influenced for centuries by the BEHAVIORS that are learned and mimicked from one generation to another. 

That's why so many people have CONTEMPT and resentment toward girls and women, either individuals in their lives, or toward the whole group.

The desire for control over who and what one fears and has contempt for, and ALSO who and what one desires to OWN,  is a common human reaction and behavior.

There are over 7 billion humans on Earth currently, and ALL OF THEM have been directly influenced by the culture and behaviors surrounding them. In other words, EVERYONE has been influenced to believe what others around them believe, both inside and outside of their family.

So scientifically it's not possible to determine if any race or either sex is actually "superior" or "inferior", because EVERY HUMAN ALIVE has been influenced by the bias and beliefs that they grew up with. 

There are NO "controlled environments" where large, racially diverse groups of infants have been raised since birth by NON-HUMANS who are non-gendered and non-biased, who would therefore NOT influence the infants and children either by their own behavior, or by the way they TREAT the babies.

MOST humans treat infants right from birth with bias, due to all kinds of physical traits about the infant, and mostly because of the infants' sex (boy or girl)). So by the time the child is in First Grade, he or she has already been deeply influenced by the biased treatment of adults around them, and their surrounding culture. 
(They are "guided" to "be" a certain way, toward certain behaviors, abilities, and preferences and AWAY from others according to what OTHER people want them to be like, because of what sex they were born with, and also other physical traits like skin color, facial features, size, and vocal intonation. ALSO, MOST people tend to be in deep denial about treating their infants and children with bias, and those who are not in denial but do it anyway may have other issues (mental or emotional) and would not want to change it because they WANT to treat one child as superior, and another as inferior, regardless of the effects on the child.)