Red Flag: Narcissism or Control

Red flag:
Prone to contempt and resentment toward others as an initial reaction to those who are physically different than themselves (sex, ancestry, religion, "class", appearance, age, etc).
Prone to extreme, even hateful bias against those who are different than themselves; those who are the "same" as they are are considered simply "in disagreement", or are listened to with at least some measure of respect.
However if the "different-minded" person is physically different than themselves, of a certain sex or ancestry, age, etc., they feel and express contempt toward the PERSON.

Contempt for others who are physically different than they are.
Contempt for young people and children.
Racism and/or sexism,esp. toward young people.
Contempt for people who have a different point of view.
Expressing contempt for others at every opportunity.
Apparently like to feel contempt and rationalizes and justifies it as if it's valid no matter who or what it's about.
Prone to contempt FIRST, not trying to understand another person's point of view or having any respect for their personhood or differences, or simply the body they were born in.

This may be more biologically-based than learned, however it's hard to tell since those who display this kind of severe bias and hate-thinking have often been raised around one or more other people with the type of attitude and apparently pathological prejudice.

The desire for superiority and deep-seated insecurity are at the root of this contempt-hate thinking, but again, it can be learned from others as well during youth as if it's perfectly "normal".
For example if a child has a classmate who intimidates them, an adult with these issues might tell the child not to worry about that classmate because they're "inferior" to them because of their sex or race, INSTEAD OF giving the child guidance about dealing with feeling insecure, or understanding other people, how to treat other people, and dealing with other people's behavior, personality, or differences.

Usually, those with this type of contempt-thinking desire to be superior and supreme over either another race or the opposite sex, and it's typically based in their identification with certain family members, or certain individuals they've idolized who they think are "superior", or who they think OTHERS see as superior.
They typically want to be SEEN as "superior" like that person, via their sex, ancestry, or both (or for some other superficial reason).
They'll often be seen doing and saying things to put others down, trying to make it come true, and trying to recruit others to go along with them in projecting "inferiority" onto others.

Superiority issues are based in insecurity, not confidence: one does not worry about whether frogs are equal in intellect or capability, and does not try to oppress them or rule over them. However humans have always tried to "tame" and dominate other creatures that intimidate them.

Again, this contempt and severe-bias thinking is usually "learned" during childhood, and it may be either directly taught by those with superiority/insecurity issues, or inadvertently by adults who have been normalized and desensitized to it by those around them in their own youth.