Controller Narcissists Isolate Their Targets

One of the main reasons Controllers and Narcissists isolate their Targets from others is so that the Target will not have anyone who is supportive of them or protective of them.

A Narcissist will do all kinds of things to isolate a Target from others, and then claim to be a person who cares and is supportive of them. But when the Target seeks even minimal support about anything, the Narcissist reacts with venom, criticism, aggression, or dismissiveness.

They don't simply want some control over the Target, they want complete control. They don't want the Target to have ANY support from any other source.

They don't want the Target to receive any neutral or positive feedback from others either, because neutral and positive feedback from other people is one of the main ways human beings build and maintain their confidence and self-esteem, and know that their mental and emotional health is sound.