Stop The Blame Game, It DOES Take A Village To Raise A Child (Properly)

Only a complete fool puts the blame solely on one (or both) parents when their son or daughter has apparent behavioral or emotional problems in adulthood, including anxiety or depression.

The larger part of a person's life path and behavior was developed because of their experiences during childhood. Children are directly influenced by the rest of the family members, by the kids and adults in the community they grow up in, by the way they're treated by the various people around them, and by the way each of their parents are treated by other people.
They're also influenced by media, but that's only in relation to the influence of the real people around them.

If identical twins were born with identical genetic mental and emotional health and intellect, but they were raised in two distinctly different families and communities (for example one in a supportive atmosphere with minimal sexism, racism, and denial, and one in a chaotic, abusive, or neglectful one), they might retain certain similarities with one another but for the most part they would be very, very different from one another as adults in values, outlook, emotional health, behavior, and life choices.