If They Want You To Be "Wrong"

If a person wants you to be wrong, resents or envies you, or wants to have control, favor, or popularity over you for whatever personal issues they have, they are likely to:

argue with you about anything

"snap at" you about anything

criticize you for anything at all

judge you as inferior

be purposely non-supportive of your endeavors or goals

be purposely non-supportive of you when you have difficulties

put you down, insult you, make fun of you, harass you

imply that you are crazy, self-centered, or histrionic

make demands of you

not use "manners" or courtesy when talking or interacting with you

cast blame and shame on you for random things

be dishonest with you

invalidate whatever you say or express

say that you're wrong no matter what you're saying (even if you repeat what they just said a few minutes ago, verbatim)

treat you like you don't belong

try to make you feel like you don't belong or "unliked" by treating others around you with attention and courtesy, but NOT you, on purpose.

may try to turn others against you

These behaviors are flags that you are dealing with a person of lesser maturity who may have a problem with entitlement, a lack of boundary health, and is probably very insecure, or fearful, or intimidated by you.