Narcissist Formula

Don't forget the formula:
The more you are dealing with, the less the Narcissist can "tolerate" being supportive of you. The more knowledgeable, skilled, or talented you are, the more they will try to put you down, invalidate you, belittle you, or sabotage you. The more impassioned you are, the more "annoyed" they will be with you. The more you talk, the more they feel like they're not getting to talk. The more you help them, the more they resent you. The kinder and more supportive you are toward them, the LESS they will be toward you.
And don't forget about the stereotypes, gender roles, and bigotry (sexism and racism, heightism, ageism, classism, etc etc).
It's all real, and it's all the time.
THEY are not YOU, THEY don't control LIFE on this planet, or YOUR life.