Designating Value, Capability, And Destiny

A typical Narcissist behavior is designating "value" and "capability" onto others in one's family and community circles, and trying to assign various DESTINIES according to a person's "value".

The N. aunt who went to Harvard encourages her niece not to go to Harvard like herself, but to a small community college near her house.

The N parent who owns a grand old Cape house with several acres keeps talking to their child about getting a cheap apartment in a run down building.

The N uncle constantly shows off his boats and cars, and says things to the young people in the family like "Bet you wish you could have something like this someday, huh?"

The N parents go on expensive vacations by themselves, but "can't afford" to take the kids to the beach, or to Theme Parks, or skiing locally, etc.

The N. music teacher puts one child up on a pedestal and makes them their "star student", mentoring them and giving them extra attention, and ignores another student who has just as much, if not more talent and potential as the "star student", because the teacher doesn't really "take a shine" to the pupil.

The young person who's goal is to become a software designer is told by N. family and community that they'd be "better off going for something simpler and less difficult".

The woman who is interested in building and developing is told by N. family and community that she "should be looking into something less overwhelming and difficult". (i.e. kindergarten teacher, homemaker)

The man who is interested in child psychology is told by N. family and community that he "should be looking into something that makes more money and has a real future". (i.e. stockbroker, racecar mechanic)