Ridiculous Gender Brainwashing

Stop treating daughters like they're little fragile butterflies who can't do anything, who are not SUPPOSED TO DO anything that requires any kind of strength or intelligence or fine skills, and like they're ALL AFRAID OF EVERYTHING, and like they're ALL SUPER HIGH MAINTENANCE AND ARE A PAIN IN THE A**.
It's really sad how people will treat their sweet little boys who need to grow and learn in a SAFE and NORMAL way like they're freaking adults who need to "MAN UP" every FIVE SECONDS in order tp prove their "worth" to people who SHOULD BE valuing them as PEOPLE, as the CHILDREN that they are, and guiding them in a REAL WAY, not to become some kind of TELEVISION CHARACTER.
And then turn around and do the same thing with their sweet little girls who need to grow and learn in a SAFE and NORMAL way, not get treated like they're ALWAYS doing something "WRONG", like they're WEAK, FRAGILE, STUPID, and can't POSSIBLY have the same interests, emotions, needs, or wants that a little boy would have.
Taking one child and dressing him in a Pro Wrestler or a Soldier outfit, or a President Of The Bank outfit (make sure it's BLUE) and telling him he needs to PROVE that he's a "MAN" by acting like an aggressive baboon the minute he comes out of the womb.  
Sick world.
Taking one child and dressing her in a cheap tutu or a Model and Makeup outfit, or a Betty Homemaker outfit (make sure it's PINK) and telling her she needs to PROVE that she's a "GOOD WOMAN" by cowtowing to everyone around her, never standing up to anyone else, ONLY doing the specific things she's told to do or be interested in... never "complaining" about anything that happens to her no matter how terrible, never being "funny" or doing well in school or being good at anything specific (because it might make someone else feel bad....>>>>).
Teaching them BOTH that the "other sex" is a different SPECIES, and that they're NOTHING ALIKE.
Teaching them BOTH that it's okay for one sex to treat the other one with condescension and disrespect and bullying, and boss them around, and expect to be given EXTRA respect by the other, in spite of the fact that they're not GIVING EXTRA respect, or even normal respect.
This gets internalized and normalized until all the kids buy into it, and carry it with them into adulthood, tragically.