I Say Jump You Say How High! Authority Image Issues

Trying to be one of the "authority people" like a parent, a teacher, a law or court officer, upper management, tough-gang-member, mafioso, etc., and wanting to be SEEN as a such an "authority person" can be seen commonly in children when the ego/self is developing.

("When I walk into a room, everyone is aware of my presence.
When I speak, everyone listens to me because they know I'm important. What I say goes, what I say is law. When I speak, animals listen, children obey, and adults who fear me obey. If they don't obey me, I want to punish them.")

When this developmental stage is not grown out of, it can look like Narcissism, and can feed an individual's Narcissistic or abusive issues.

When a person who has this authority issue does have a job that gives them some type of authority, or for example is a member of a bike club that non-members typically think of as "tough", they aren't just DOING THE JOB, or BEING IN THE CLUB. They are PLAYING A ROLE, PLAYING A CHARACTER.

When a person with this issue DOES NOT respond to the image they're trying to create of "authority", (I say jump, you say how high) they will usually react with ANGER.
(You're supposed to be afraid of me, or be in great admiration of me, and you're supposed to do what I say... you're not doing it right!)