Take What You Need And Leave The Rest

"Take what you need and leave the rest".
That's an A.A. phrase, and it means "If you don't like or agree with the person speaking (in an AA meeting, or anywhere else), keep it to yourself, keep quiet, don't interrupt, and don't insert drama. Respect their turn to speak, and hear what they have to say with your grown-up ears, and your grown-up manners.
If they don't respect YOUR turn to speak, or your POV or experiences, that's a completely different issue, that's THEIR behavior, not yours.
You don't have to hang out with them or invite them to your home, or even talk to them. But listen to what they have to say, learn what you can even if it's just a little, take that with you, and leave the rest behind. You don't have to like or agree with a person to learn things from them or from their experiences, or even from their personality or issues.
Listening to a person has absolutely nothing to do with giving them authority over you, giving them sympathy, believing whatever they say, or following them. Those are all separate things, and they're each your own choice."

That's where healthy boundaries come in.