War On Women: Male Bias, Right Wing

People have been accusing the "Right" of anti-female bias for a few decades now, and also of racism.

Personally I think that's hilarious.
The only people I've ever met who did NOT have male bias or anti-female bias were not "Right" OR "Left".

And when you think about it, that makes sense. People who identify themselves with a political party, and who take sides, are prone to taking sides in other things as well. They have to be on a "team", and they want to be a member of the "better team".
So they pick the team that they relate with and claim that their team is the best team, and the other team is the crappy team.

That's what they do with the sexes. They have to make one sex "better" than the other, they can't just be respectful and objective about BOTH sexes.
They'll ignore and put down people from one sex, (the other "team"), and hold people of the other sex (their "team") up on a high pedestal, following them, listening to them, admiring them, praising them, applauding them, lauding them, honoring them, sympathizing with them, wanting to be "like" them, putting them in charge of things, trusting them for not very good reasons to lead them solely based on their sex (their "team"). 

Then they wonder why the world is so messed up...

Teams mean competition, and competition means competing until one team "wins" and the other "loses".

If we want RESOLUTION, then pitting people against each other is like running to the wrong goalpost to score a point. Who would do that?!