Advising You About You

Continually giving advice about things you are already proficient at.

Offering to help you, or forcing help on you, with things you don't need or want help with.

Frequently giving warnings or reassurances about things you don't have anxiety or fear about, often to the point where it may cause a person to develop new anxiety or fear.

Frequently telling you information that you are well aware of, that they really should be aware that you know because of their relationship with you, obvious knowledge about you and your life experience, or past interactions between you. (Sometimes just because you're a breathing adult human.)

Reminding you about things you would not have forgotten (if they hadn't interrupted you so often to remind you.)

Advising you persistently about anything and everything.

Continually trying to correct and fix your hair, clothing, home, car, general appearance, pets, children. Not when you ask for it, and not when something is wrong, just continually correcting anything and everything, whether they know what they're doing or not.  

Giving you advice about things you are proficient at that they are not.

Asking you a question so they can criticize your answer, or argue with you.

Bringing up subjects in order to poke holes in and counter anything you say.

Bringing up subjects ONLY so they can be the one bringing up a subject; when you start to engage in discussion about the subject, they shut it down, claiming they don't want to talk about that.

Pontificating and lecturing about any subject that you bring up, or simple question that you have, assuming that one question means you know zero about the entire subject. (Q: "Is this car a standard?" 
A: "Standard, do you mean does the transmission have a stick shift instead of being automatic? There are several types of car transmissions, if you learn how to drive a manual stick, then you can drive most of them with a little practice. You have to know how to work the clutch and change the gears at the same time... a lot of Guys like it better because it gives you more power but you might not be interested in that... the Porsche has something called a manumatic transmission that combines automatic and manual.........") 

These can be bully tactics, but they can also be caused by other disorders, or even learned familial behaviors.
If it's mental illness and it's about control, then it's likely that the person will become VERY upset, offended, even enraged if one asks them to stop, and will usually refuse to stop doing any of it.