Raging Storms Of Controllers And Oppressors

If you're alone at sea, in a boat that's being tossed by waves and wind, you will be holding on, not paddling or sailing.
You will be trying to stay afloat and keep your balance.
You will be trying to stay alive, not making nets, mending sails, fishing, relaxing, enjoying the salt air, or plotting your course.

This is why fear, chaos, rejection and abandonment are used as tools for control, oppression, and sabotage. They work automatically. When a person is reacting to protect themselves or survive, they aren't doing much of anything else, and they can't think about much of anything else. The harsher the waves, the harder one has to hold on and fight to stay afloat, and the less they are able to think clearly or figure anything out. If no other boats are around, or if other boats refuse to help, then survival until the storm passes or the waves calm is what one must do. But what happens when another storm comes, and another one after that...before a person can recover their strength or mend their sails... or make any headway...or catch some fish...

This is how Control and oppression is done.
Both on a personal scale, and on a larger scale.

The controlled and oppressed are forced to learn things, gather resources, and make repairs in the midst of blowing wind and waves, while holding on to the boat with one hand, trying not to get thrown overboard.

It doesn't matter how expensive or new the boat is, all boats are subject to the effects of a storm, and all sailors are subject to the dangers, and must contend with the waves and the wind.
Someone else purposely creating the storms is what oppression is about, as well as the purposeful refusal to help a particular sailor.