Narcissism MYTHS

Narcissism MYTHS:

~Wealthy people are all Narcissists; wealth makes people become Narcissists

~Good looking people are Narcissists; beauty makes people become Narcissists

~You can tell a Narcissist by looking at them or hearing them talk

~Narcissists are always "glib" and "socially savvy"

~All Narcissists are men

~Some Narcissists are women and you can tell by looking at them

~Poor or Working Class people can't be Narcissists

~You can't be a Narcissist if you're not physically attractive

~Celebrities are all Narcissists

~Politicians are all Narcissists

~Upper management are all Narcissists

~"Regular folks" can't be Narcissists

~Religious people can't be Narcissists

~Teachers can't be Narcissists

~Healthcare professionals and workers can't be Narcissists

~Therapists can't be Narcissists

~Civil rights activists can't be Narcissists

~Animal caregivers, activists, and rescuers can't be Narcissists

~Atheists can't be Narcissists

~Pot smokers can't be Narcissists

~"Green" people can't be Narcissists

~If you belong to a certain belief group, you can't be a Narcissist

~Only certain Political Parties have Narcissism, not the other ones

~People who seem "nice" in public can't have Narcissism

~People from certain regions are all Narcissists

~People from certain regions can't be Narcissists

There are NO "types" of humans who "can't be" a Narcissist, and there are NO types of humans who are automatically Narcissists.

Narcissism is a human condition, the only thing it requires physically is for a person to be a Homo Sapien. Having less empathy neurons in the brain helps also.

The only "kind" of Human that's "can't be" a Narcissist is a child. Children are raised by the adults around them, and are influenced drastically by ALL of the people around them as they grow up, which includes all of the people at school whom they're exposed to, all of the people in their community whom they're exposed to and interact with, and all of the people in their extended family. So if a child is behaving like a "Narcissist", it's probably something to do with the way they're being influenced or treated by someone around them.
If the behaviors and perceptions stick because of too much negative influence and not enough positive influence (which can occur even if the child's parents are good parents), or because of trauma that the child doesn't get to recover from, then the child may develop Narcissism as an adult, unfortunately.

The only way to cure Narcissism (as far as we know currently) is for the person to recognize they need to change first and accept responsibility for their own mental health and choices, and then go and do what it takes to recover, and that's extremely rare for people with this disorder.