Envy And Judgment: Two Sides, Same Coin

The other side of Envy is Judgment. Those who are envious of others also tend to JUDGE others very negatively, about pretty much anything, especially things that they can see.

So they envy the person in the Porsche in the passing lane, and lambaste the person in the old slow-moving Oldsmobile in the slow lane.

They envy, or covet, the young woman with too-tight pants whom they found attractive at the mall, and viciously make fun another woman at the bank with tight pants. 

They envy and snipe at the older man for the financial security he built over a long career, but call the younger man who hasn't had time or opportunity to build a career or assets a "loser".

They envy those who have good relationships with their spouse, and call them names like "Betty Homemaker" and "Whipped", but they're disrespectful or abusive to anyone they get in a relationship with.

They "despise" and name-call BOTH the wealthy and the poor.
BOTH the college student and the non-student.
BOTH the confident and the timid.
BOTH the outspoken and the shy.
BOTH the "attractive" and the "unattractive" (in their eyes)
BOTH the successful and the struggling.
BOTH the religious person and the non-religious person.
BOTH working women and stay-at-home mothers and wives.
BOTH politicians and people who stay out of government.
BOTH executives and low-level employees.

They envy and covet one, and try to diminish and belittle the other. 

Either way, they resent, resent, resent, and put down, put down, put down.

Ironically they are often the FIRST ONES to call someone else "envious", "resentful", "hateful", "dramatic", "jealous", "annoying", or "self-centered", but that's simply because they LIKE TO CALL OTHER PEOPLE NAMES and put other people down.

It's a habit that they have; it gives them a chemical cocktail in their brain and body. It's likely they started doing it in early childhood and just never stopped, and very likely that they had someone around them who gave them reinforcing feedback about it. (I.E. doing it too)

It doesn't matter if the "shoe fits" the person they threw it at or not, they just want to throw it. 
The "shoe" is about their OWN feelings and emotional reactions, not the reality of the other person.