Harsh Truth, Male Vs. Female

If you think of women as children with no experience, knowledge, logic, ability or wisdom, and men as adults with automatic expertise, knowledge, logic, ability, and wisdom, you're a REALLY EASY MARK for con artists and other manipulators.
You are either not a logical or critical thinker, or you've been taught to believe these things in your culture or family.

If you think of men as "Natural Leaders" or "Natural Authority", or "Naturally Logical" etc. etc., you are much more likely to believe a man who's lying right to your face, just because he's a man. You are much more likely to follow a man and let him lead you, whether he knows what he's doing or not, and whether he's endangering you or costing you hard-earned money or not.

You are likely to believe what he says even if he's "teaching" you something that's completely untrue or wrong.

If you think of women as "Naturally illogical", or "Naturally Naive", or "Naturally Weak", you are much more likely to underestimate any female person you meet. You will assume way too much about them. You won't notice if they are a dangerous con-artist, or if they are a wise sage or a genius. You won't be able to discern their real personalities, or their emotional expressions, or comprehend what they're saying, because you'll be playing your own version of who and what they are in your head.

Blanket stereotype beliefs about either sex will BLOCK you from seeing another person's real personality, real character, real intelligence, real experience, real ability, and real motivations. 

You will not see your own clearly either, unfortunately; you will likely assign whatever you believe about your own sex to yourself, for good or for ill.