"Right Wing" "Left Wing" You Don't Know What You're Talking About

Republicans are NOT "Right Wing"...

hellooo... there's a REASON for the term.

Democrats are NOT "Left Wing" either...



You can have so-called "Left" ideals and be a Republican Conservative.

You can call yourself "Liberal" but not REALLY be one, because you have zero interest in hearing anyone's point of view that's not the same as YOURS.

You can be a Democrat and be an utterly bigoted racist, sexist, elitist moron who only cares about themselves, job security, and getting a PAYCHECK or benefits for yourself. That's as far from "left" as you can get. 

Most people don't GET THIS, because they turn everything into a BELIEF instead of doing objective, non-dramatic, non-histrionic thinking, observation, and information gathering.


MOST PEOPLE think CHRISTIANS are "Right Wing".

But if JESUS was HERE NOW, he would NOT be a Democrat, OR a Republican.
He would not be EITHER ONE, he would have CONSERVATIVE AND (so-called) LEFT "ideals".

NOT "communism", NOT 'right wing", NOT "Socialism" NOT "Male Superiority", NONE OF THAT.

He would not be talking about anything within the parameters of ANY Political party, or anyone else's politics, or even anyone's established religion.

Which is why they crucified him, by the way. He didn't fit in any of their categories, groups, hierarchies, stereotypes or cliques, and he talked about respecting and caring about fellow human beings, about LIFE, and about objective integrity and real ethics, regardless of a person's POLITICS, SEX, ANCESTRY, WEALTH, POVERTY, or BELIEFS.

They hated him then because he wouldn't go along with their silly prejudices and established, MADE UP "rules" for who's "important" and who's not, and if he was here now, they would HATE HIM NOW.

Especially if no one knew WHO he was.
Humans have always been obsessed with FAME, so if a person isn't "known" or popular, they must not be "anyone important"...

And especially if he was here in a different body other than a 30ish, average  height, "normal" looking young man.

If he had started his ministry at an earlier age, they would have killed him quicker.
If he was short, they would have killed him quicker.
If he was a completely different race than the regional population, they would have killed him quicker.

They did try when he was born.
If he was a girl they would have tried even harder, wiping out ALL girl children, not just first born.  

If he was a woman then, or showed up as a woman now, they'd try to crucify him in a week, it wouldn't take three years. That's about stupidity and bigotry, not about actual intrinsic worth of males vs. females.

Actually if he was a female back then, he wouldn't have made it to adulthood.

Not even close.

NOR was he a "Democrat" or a "Socialist" or a "Male Supremacist" or a "Female Supremacist" or a "White, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian, or any other kind of Supremacist",

(That's frankly asinine, if God made people, he made them all, and loves them all equally, just like you would love all of your kids even if a couple of them screwed up severely. It doesn't mean you allow your kids to get away with anything, it means you love them. You already know they're going to screw up if you have a working brain in your head. How severely they mess up is not subject to whether you love them or not. Unless of course you're a Narcissist, and your kids have to be perfect in YOUR eyes in order for you to "love" them, and you would choose a FAVORITE, and make another a SCAPEGOAT.).