Narcissists With Family Members Or Friends With "Special Needs"

It's common for a person with Narcissism to make one or more people in their family group, work group, or other groups into "special needs" people, as if they are "mentally weak" or "unstable".

This gives them someone to compare themselves to so they can feel like they're always on the side of "sane" or "strong".

Also, if I have someone to label as "crazy" or "hysterical", or "hypersensitive", I have a ready excuse for all kinds of things I want to get out of or avoid, and an excuse to "treat myself" (it's so stressful dealing with so and so), and an easy way to get sympathy from other people.  

What if the person is really "crazy"?
Well if the person talking about the "crazy person" is an emotionally mature person, and not Narcissistic, he or she would be genuinely compassionate toward the person and take care to treat them properly in regard to their "condition". If the person is a family member or a  friend, they definitely would not be gossiping and whispering about them, judging them, criticizing them, or purposely leaving them out of random gatherings, activities and celebrations. They would be trying to learn and understand more about the person's "condition", and would be available to HELP the person, they wouldn't be trying to find a way to reject the person, and they definitely would NOT be trying to humiliate the person, triangulate, control, or threaten the person with "social consequences" or take away survival necessities.

Narcissists and especially sociopaths will scapegoat, manipulate, neglect, abandon, use, control, and abuse a person who does have a mental or emotional illness or neurological issue, any type at all, from Down Syndrome to Schizophrenia to brain damage to Coma to Stroke to PTSD to OCD. 

However, a Narcissist will also PROJECT mental or emotional illness onto a Target who has no such thing, just to make them into a scapegoat and have someone to talk about and use for all kinds of excuses, and to gain sympathy.
They will also PROVOKE a person who appears to have mild symptoms of something, for example anxiety, so their condition will worsen, so they can be manipulated, used, and/or devalued and scapegoated.

(Classic bully behavior; picking on the kid who seems to already have anxiety.)

The ONLY TIME a Narcissist "WANTS" or accepts another person to have some kind of illness or issue is when they want to use it for their own benefit. Otherwise, a person who has some kind of illness is an object of envy because they might get "special attention", and/or someone to be avoided because it's "burdensome" to HAVE TO treat them with extra care or special attention, and they might need something.

There are many N's in caregiver/health fields who have no intention of actually helping patients, clients, or students improve, do well, maintain, or recover, they just want to be "over" them, and also to make money off of them.